Garden Path


When I was an undergraduate, the likelihood I would pursue an academic career seemed high, and sometimes I still imagine the life I might have led had I followed that path instead of the one that led me to psychology and religion.  So imagine my delight when Loyola University invited me in 2014 to become an adjunct faculty member, teaching pastoral counseling to its graduate students.  It was a small taste – without the academic politics! – of another life I might have led.


Joking aside, teaching is important to me.  Before Loyola, I’d taught in a variety of formats – as a guest lecturer for a session or two of courses at various seminaries, workshops on AIDS in multiple settings, workshops at events in my Diocese and local churches, and in the training and public programs of the Jung Institute.


Loyola has been particularly rewarding because of the diverse student body in our program and because it is such a gracious and supportive setting.  Being a part-time member of its faculty has helped me develop and improve my teaching, and it makes me open to other teaching opportunities.  If there is some way you believe I could be helpful to you in your organization or setting, please reach out so we can consider it together.